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Let's face it: seeking out a therapist can be a daunting task. I understand how difficult it can be to even start therapy, let alone to try to find someone you feel you can trust. It's hard to gauge who you will actually connect with or feel comfortable around simply by looking at names or pictures on a search engine. This is  why I have created this site. I hope to give you an insight into who I am, what I have to offer, and how I work with my clients so that you will feel comfortable and confident in making that first call (or email)!

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Professional Background

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Oakland University. Upon graduation, I decided to take some time off in an effort to figure out what I wanted to do. After years of working jobs that felt ultimately unfulfilling, I returned to Oakland University and completed my Master's Degree. In the years that followed, I worked with both for-profit and non-profit agencies as a therapist until making the decision to open my own practice. I truly love what I do and the people that I work with. Working in private practice allows me the freedom to work with my clients in a more individualized way. Each person is different and I try to tailor my approach to meet the needs of the person I am working with. 

Who am I?

I am a creative individual with a realistic approach to life. I became interested in the field of psychology after experiencing firsthand how life changing therapy can be. I aim to be there for my clients, to sit with them during rough times, to help them find their way when they feel lost, and to celebrate accomplishments. 


My hobbies include playing/writing music and singing. I am a mother to a young child born during the pandemic, and have firsthand experience with the struggles of parenting during this time.


I believe that black lives matter

I believe that  LGBTQIA+ lives matter

I believe abortion is healthcare

I believe in science and vaccines

I believe all people should have access to great healthcare, regardless of class, gender, race… anything.

What To Expect

One of the most important parts of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. Without a good one, you may not be as successful at reaching your goals as you would like. Please read below to see if you think I would be a good fit for you.

The type of therapy I offer is non-judgmental and validating, as well as honest and direct. I offer a space for you to explore and express your emotions, traumas, past and current situations free of judgements. We will work together to come up with solutions and skills to help you feel better.

I offer an eclectic style of therapy, which means that I do not stick to purely one type of style. We use different techniques depending on the situation or issue at hand. I offer a very comfortable environment where we have open dialogue about whatever it is that is bringing you in. I often use humor and analogies in my sessions, and at times give "assignments" for in between sessions  - which is basically some skills to try at home.

Currently all appointments are online.


Feel free to call, email, or fill out the form below for more information, or to set up an appointment.

(248) 518-0018

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